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Three friends from a biotech yeast lab, one abandoned gunpowder factory, mixed fermentations and oak barrels, fabulous beer.



As natural fresh products, our beers are neither filtered nor pasteurized. The full flavor remains in the beer. Of course, we do not use any artificial auxiliaries or additives. 

Beer is our passion, we see it as part of a diverse culinary world in which enjoyment is the focus.

Finest beer, fullest taste. Our beer philosophy.



In 2014, they were just good friends that experimented with hops, yeast and malt on a former Tyrolean farm. . They have won regional awards as well as Gault Millau trophies. They are the absolute opposite of mainstream beer.
They are Bierol.

And, by the way, the experiment still goes on.


Kecskeméti Sörmanufaktúra (HU)

Our goal is to revive the traditions of beer production in the city, which was mastered by János Petz. Some of our beers are made from traditional, "old school" recipes. We also follow the latest trends, so-called "new wave" beers, which we make limited editions of. We work in the spirit of this cycle, day in, day out.


Schnauzer & Beagle (AT)

S&B Brewery is a family run business founded in January 2020 by William Melling,  John Melling, & Tina Ganser all sharing a  love good beers and dogs.  S&B is probably most doggy friendly brewery in Austria, Europe or even the World. And is dedicated to producing delicious beer full of character and flavour.

zzz Family 1.jpg

Fuchs MC (AT) - HIP HOP

Hip Hop aus Favoriten. FuchsMC is the founder and owner of coolesterin records one of the "most important" hip hop labels in Austria. 


Fuchs MC.jpg


Anyone who expects the gangster image that prevails in the 10th district of Vienna at SeZar will quickly be taught otherwise. The rapper, who grew up in Vienna, stands above all for personal and reflective raps. As a gifted freestyler, who has already proven his skills by winning several battles, he feels comfortable in the battle genre and feeds the listener with intelligent punchlines. Soundcloud


Jai Larkan (AUS) - Singer/Songwriter

Songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Jai Larkan’s band The Wishing Well has featured in concert in Europe for the last 8 years. Bandcamp

jai larkin.jpg

Cay Taylan (AT) - Electronic Music

Cay Taylan started his career as a dj 1992, releasing his first tracks in 2001. Cay Taylan djs all over the world and has played in London, Amsterdam, Istanbul, New York, Hamburg, Zurich, Zagreb... Because of his huge diversity of genre and his amazing collection of vinyls and cds, Cay Taylan enjoys to play in different kinds of clubs and locations, small Jazzclubs, big party-floors, underground dub-clubs and so on.  Soundcloud


Bräuhaus Ten.Fifty. (AT)

A passionately independent and privately owned craft beer brewery, located in the old Ankerbrotfabrik in Favoriten (1100 Vienna). As a completely independent brewery, we are free to make the beers we want to make: with a focus on quality, authenticity, flavour and innovation.


Braumanufaktur Schalken (AT)

Handcrafted beer from Ottakring, Vienna. Beers that are unusual, unconventional and uncompromising.  Brewed with passion, creativity and the love for good beer!



Our vision is - to be an independent and socially engaged, playful and innovative brewery owned by cooperatives; a recognizable place to socialize with a craft offer of beer, wine, coffee, juices - from the portfolio of our members.



We are independent craft brewery established in 2015 since then we've won 22 awards for our beer. Our aim is to bring joy to our customers through our beer and brand. We brew bottom-fermented beers, but we mainly focus on top-fermented beers. We love to explore new and unique beer styles. We do this with love and respect to our craft.


DJ King (AT) - HIP HOP

C.E.O., Music Producer, Audio Engineer + DJ @ Deine Mutter Studio

DJ King.jpg

A.Geh Wirklich? (AT) - HIP HOP

A.Geh Wirklich? is an Austrian hip hop musician whose style is characterized by the Viennese dialect and ironic lyrics. It has also been described as a mix of Viennese humour , hip-hop, Viennese Schrammeln , pop and R&B , and is sometimes attributed to Austropop . His musical style is based on the West Coast style.  YouTube

a geh wirklich.jpg

Seha Eks (AT) - HIP HOP

.:. what I do is Music .:. what I don't do is create an Image and live by its Rules or Expectations .:. YouTube

seha eks.jpg


Don Dom is a rapper, guitarist and loop artist from Vienna and writes / creates all of his songs himself. Don Dom has already released several singles that you can stream on Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, Amazon Music etc. YouTube

don dom.jpg

Bernhard Pribitzer (AT) - Singer/Songwriter

Bernhard Pribitzer, singer-songwriter from Vienna, is at home in the German pop-rap scene. His lyrics are often created out of speechlessness: when Bernhard lacks the words, he usually finds them again through his music. As a replacement for the band, he always has his loop station with him to be able to connect his guitar, vocals and electronic beats - live, of course.  Links



  • 2 Days

  • 10 Breweries

  • 20 beers on tap

  • All you can drink*

  • Live music

  • Food

      *till the kegs run out

Music Festival
  • Where: Böhmischer Prater, Tivoli

  • When: Friday 20.5.2022
    Saturday 21.5.2022

  • Time:   16:00 - 23:00

  • Who:    BRAU event organiser

  • Cost: VIP ticket €65 + fees (per day)

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